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Stravinsky: The Soldier's Tale

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 LSO Chamber Ensemble

A septet of LSO musicians relive the Russian folk tale of a soldier who trades his fiddle for unparalleled gain in Stravinsky’s The Soldier’s Tale. A theatrical work ‘to be read, played and danced,’ British stage & television actor Malcolm Sinclair narrates, leading listeners through the soldier’s regretful decision.

Performed in 2015 as part of the Barbican’s inaugural Sound Unbound festival, The Soldier’s Tale was recorded in the Jerwood Hall of LSO St. Luke’s, a vibrant venue which is also home to the Orchestra’s community and music education programme. Directed by violinist Roman Simovic, the ensemble for this project featured veteran principal players from across the Orchestra, including bassoonist Rachel Gough, clarinetist Andrew Marriner, percussionist Neil Percy and trumpet player Philip Cobb.

ComposerIgor Stravinsky
DirectorRoman Simovic
NarratorMalcolm Sinclair
PerformersLSO Chamber Ensemble
Track list

The Soldier's Tale, Part I:

  1. Introduction. The Soldier's March
  2. Introduction. Soldier and fiddle
  3. Music for Scene 1. Airs by a Stream
  4. Music for Scene 1. The Devil enters
  5. Music for Scene 1. The Soldier's March (Reprise)
  6. Music for Scene 1. The Soldier returns to his homeland
  7. Music for Scene 2. Pastorale
  8. Music for Scene 2. The Soldier confronts The Devil
  9. Music for Scene 2. Little Pastorale
  10. Music for Scene 2. The Soldier exploits the Book, but quickly recognises his foolishness
  11. Music for Scene 2. Airs by a Stream (Reprise): The Soldier remembers
  12. Music for Scene 2. The Soldier regains his violin
  13. Music for Scene 3. Little Airs by a Stream (Reprise)

The Soldier's Tale, Part II:

  1. The Soldier's March (Reprise)
  2. The Soldier travels to a distant land 
  3. The Royal March
  4. The Soldier visits the King
  5. The Soldier plays cards with The Devil
  6. The Little Concert
  7. Three Dances - I. Tango
  8. Three Dances - II. Waltz
  9. Three Dances - III. Ragtime
  10. The Devil's Dance
  11. Little Chorale
  12. The Devil's Song
  13. Great Chorale
  14. Triumphal March of the Devil 

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